Urban Apartment Ministry and Overseas Missions.

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners:

This summer was a very busy time for Everlasting Love Ministries (ELM) as we worked diligently to be obedient to what the Lord had given us to do. We believe that the main thrust of ELM is to know, love and serve God. We do that by going to where He sends us in order to share His Good News of salvation in Christ; and, whenever possible, we work to teach about the many aspects of God and lead believers onto path where they will grow spiritually. And, we continue to see God fulfilling His promises to ELM. He has done this by equipping us with everything we need to be used by Him in completing His plans and purposes for ELM -- and as always God is glorified by what He does through us!

We give our faithful prayers warriors a big thank you! And we thank all of those who have participated in ELM in any way through your prayers, your gifts, your guidance and your direct participation. We couldn’t do what we do without you being led by the Lord to participate in so many different ways. For example, we thank those who put their sewing talents to use by making over 500 dresses for needy girls in Colombia. We also thank those who participated in the Irish Tennis Tournament held at Lost Forest Tennis Club under the direction of coach Hernan Guevara to raise funds for the purchase of medicines.

We are thankful that ELM has been recognized by Champions Forest Baptist Church at Jersey Village (CFBC/JV) as another avenue to reach the community together and to build God’s kingdom. We are participating in the church’s “The Call To Serve” program in both the local and international mission fields. We labor in these mission fields because we have found God to be faithful as He promised in His word:

Psalm 37:5 Commit your way to the LORD, trust also in him and He will do it. (NAS)

ELM has been faithful to what God has given us for the past 30 years in the Spring Branch area of Houston, where we still continue working at the Northwest corners Apartments. We have been waiting for God to guide us in opening our activities in two new properties.

In April God blessed us by opening anew property in Houston’s Northwest Area, Oak Groves Apartments. With the partnership with Champion Forest Baptist Church through the “Serve Saturday” event we were able to establish a relationship not only with the manager, but with many residents.

That Saturday a 13-year-old boy gave his life to Jesus, and since that day he has come to our Bible study activities. We want to thank Mr. Vern, and two ladies, Hillary and Carolyn, for their help. They were obedient to the Lord, and are now faithfully serving with their love and talents, while praising the Lord for what He is doing through them in bringing children and families into a better knowledge of God’s written word and a closer relationship with His Son, Jesus the living Word. On Thursdays after school we have 18 children coming to our Bible club; they range in age from 5 to 13 years old.

We have experienced that when a group of believers who faithfully invest a few hours a day, a week, or a month, they will be serving the Lord in a local mission field. It is our intention that these accounts will give you a better understanding of what we call Multi-Housing Ministry. If you feel called by the Lord and have a vision for such laboring in the fields which are truly white unto the harvest, please contact us for more information.

The 2018 ELM journey into Colombia began with prayers for God to send the right people to complete His plan for this mission trip. We had a group of 46 working in Colombia: 19 were from Houston, 15 were from Colombia, and we had 12 translators. was special because of the happy faces on all of these kids!

This year was more intense than previous years as we saw more patients than previous years, but all worth it as we saw God touching many hearts including ours when 54 Wayuu received Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and 10 followed their profession of faith thru baptism.

The Medical Team ministered to 611 patients. They were able to provide the medicine that every patient needed. And when we were ready to return home, the left over medicines were donated to Venezuelan Hospitals. Also, many children received dental treatments and were given toothpaste and tooth brushes. They were also treated for lice and given medication to treat them for three months.

This year we had the privilege to meet the Baylor-Colombia team who started the tedious work of combating the high rate of mortality among the Wayuu children in La Guajira 4 years ago. Baylor College of Medicine in partnership with Texas Children’s Hospital started this foundation in La Guajira, Colombia with the sole purpose of identifying Wayuu communities where children from birth to 5 years old are either malnourished or at high risks of malnutrition and put them in a well monitored program to treat diseases and reestablish healthy levels of nutrition. They also attend to pregnant women who are in poor health and risking the birth of the infant.

Each day, as the Wayuu group of families go thru the medical stations, (Registration, Triage, Doctors, Dentist, Pharmacy, etc.) the Service team finds strategic places in waiting areas, usually under trees for shade, to wash feet and give pedicures to the ladies waiting while a local Wayuu read the Gospel in their native Wayuunaiki language. This year approx. 80 women had pedicures. This simple yet powerful way of showing love and sharing the Gospel has been one of the most successful and impactful ways we’ve seen where Wayuu women have the opportunity to hear the Gospel or take the step of faith to let Jesus in their heart.

By the same token, 460 children went to the most popular attractions “VBS and Recreation”. Bible centric arts, crafts, songs, games and sports combined with prayer are the tools the VBS team uses to plant seeds in children of many ages and for others to have the opportunity to receive Jesus in their hearts and make professions of faith. The joy in their faces is priceless!

Water is scarce in La Guajira and less fortunate Wayuu communities walk miles to get water. Some communities have wind mills, but some are in bad shape and in need of maintenance. The construction team worked on a wind mill in much need of repair at the Amatunao rancheria. This is another way of helping the Wayuu with their physical needs.

The mission trip to Colombia was a great success!! Everything happened according to God’s will as He worked His will through us. We visited four Rancherias while ministering to the Wayuu people. We also worshiped with the Wayuu people, and witnessed one of our Colombia team couples being married at the church we built last year. One school let us work with children of ethnic groups other than the Wayuu. Those children had suffered from malnutrition just like the Wayuu people. We were happy to be able to provide some vitamins and supplements for them.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who made this trip possible. We cannot thank you enough for your generous donations, as well as for your prayers. We wanted you to know that your financial contributions made this work possible, in order that (1) some team members might participate on scholarships, (2) we could provide medical and dental supplies, (3) we could provide VBS supplies, and (4) we might fund the construction work. But most significantly, because of your giving we were able to be in a position to touch the hearts of these people, that they might understand God’s love for them -- this was done both through sharing the Gospel message and through various acts of service.

We would ask that you continue to raise up these people in prayer, that (1) more of them might know the hope that comes only from the Lord Jesus, and (2) that those who are now His might develop a closer and deeper relationship with our Lord.

We would also ask that you raise up the team members in prayer for well being and for growing in our relationship with the Lord Jesus. We pray that the Lord Jesus bless your hearts and bring you into a closer relationship to Him.

We will celebrate Jesus’ birthday at the apartments on Saturday, December 1 at Oak Grove Apartments and Saturday, December 8 from 9:00am to 12:00pm, at Northwest Corners Apartments. If the Lord leads you to help us with toys for kids aged 4 to 15, please let us know where we can pick them up.

It is our prayer that God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace, favor and peace.

Blessings to you from ELM,

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God bless you, Daisy. 

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